About Us

Unex Inc. started as a true Dutch family business in 1976. The goal was to supply the United States with high quality flower bulbs.

Today, Unex Inc. is one of the leading Dutch exporters in Dutch grown high quality flower bulbs and perennial plants. The business has developed over the years. Unex Inc. has built extensive knowledge and credits in sales- and packaging concepts for wholesale growers, garden centers, greenhouse growers, fundraisers, mail order companies and larger landscapers in North American, Europe and Asia.

Niels Mulder, CEO of Unex Inc, is proud of Unex Inc, “I am proud to see what we have built up as a family business throughout the years. Our team is a solid team and together we form the family business Unex Inc. Most of our workers have worked at Unex Inc for many years and all actively contribute to the Unex Inc. values and service. Because of this strong base of will and experience, we are able to adapt our business to the current markets that change continuously. Furthermore, I am proud to say that most of our growers are families that we have known the past generations. We take pride in representing their products abroad and sharing knowledge together to keep ensuring the best products as part of a shared passion.”