Mail Order Companies

For mail order it is a necessity that the product shipped identifies with the company, quality and packaging. Unex Inc. is specialized in supplying customized packages all over the World. This means that the customer decides how many bulbs he wants to have per package, the right sizes, stickers or header cards.

We have an ‘in’ to a wide, and new assortment to offer any mail order client a wide range of varieties, colors and packaging. The right starting points to inspire consumers everywhere!


Municipalities & Parks

More and more Cities, landscapers and parks, are seeing the added value which all the different bulb colors bring in spring. Unex Inc. offers a wide range of flower bulbs and perennials perfectly suited for public spaces.

We deliver throughout North-America at very competitive pricing for true-to-name products. Because of the short lines in communication between you and us it is also possible to accommodate special mixes of flower bulbs according to your needs.

Holland Michigan

Wholesale Growers

Unex Inc. offers you as wholesale grower a complete program. Not only in perennials but also in Lilium, Dahlia and other summer flowering bulbs for pot culture. We like to think with you on expanding or improving your current programs with our quality products.

Our company does not only supply in bulk. Our facility in Michigan also accommodate ways to offer, pack and ship your product in different ways to your end-users.

Ask us for the possibilities!


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